Vinyl Suicide are based in Athens, Greece.


The V|S sound is the outcome of an ongoing musical and lyrical experimentation. The band mixes diverse influences to shape a sound that they sarcastically like to call suicide pop. Vinyl Suicide use pop, rock and electronic sounds and voices creating “music and words that compile the soundtrack of the reality [they] prefer to live in”.


In October 2015 the band released its debut album titled Homeward Bound on The Sound of Everything Records; production is by Timon Kardamas (Playground Noise). Pictures of You and 6:40 a.m. (On Lycabettus), taken from the album, gained significant attention and radio airplay. Homeward Bound was praised by music critics and was included in many “Best Albums of 2015” lists.

Previous V|S releases include the EP 6:40 a.m. (On Lycabettus) (2013), with re-mixes by Kled Moné, Harri Agnel, Albert Planck & Prins George, and the digital single Safely Blind Again (2014), both on the Sound of Everything Records.



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