Plastic Flowers

The ghosts I grew up with

Persistent like the plastic flowers that I used to water

Oh, what a beautiful slaughter


The dreams I woke up into

Narcotic like the fear of God, his evil daughter

Oh, what a beautiful slaughter


Bring me back to life


The girls I fell in love with

Abandoned like the faceless bodies of Bernhard, Ruth

Oh, what a painful truth


The scars I learnt to live with

Defining like the moist and bitter kisses of youth

Oh, what a painful truth

Bring me back to life

Pictures of You

All the pictures of you, blur impressions of your smiles

Underexposed emotions, intentions framed in black and white

They stare at me; street lights that dive into my eyes

They talk with me, like friends do carried away in summer nights

Am I a stranger to you?

Haunted words, unspoken; the way you whispered “sun” and “will”

All time is trapped in this room; blind birds flying in circles homeward bound

You fight with me; you lick the old blood off my knees

You question me; you dig my fears up, you hide your shadows in my dreams

Am I a stranger to you?

I Don't Belong Here

This city is made of cables and dirty promises

Our shadows fall in love exchanging dry kisses

These walls are made of fear and concrete lies

I feel your presence near, but always in disguise

This smile is shaped by love

These scars are caused by love

This look is made of love

These wounds are caused by love

My dreams are greedy flames and a summer breeze

Silhouettes inside my mind, dancing like silent trees

Time is made of blood and unbending steel

And life sometimes is fake, but sometimes it’s for real

The air I breathe is black with a bitter taste of the past

My mind is under glass staging its final blast

The days went by like dreams, I sleepwalked another year

My life is so perfectly plastic, but I don’t belong here

Five Steps

This girl with the mirror eyes and the razor lips

She calls me to sail along on her acid trip

It seems that we’ve met before coz she knows my name

The rules might have changed but it’s still the same old game


I am happy in my prison
, I don’t recall the reason
 I am doing time or hiding myself away


I hate you, girl, I hate you more than I can stand


This girl speaks with colors, screams like love truly unconfined

She blows her secret thoughts inside my mind

It takes five steps to the door to the Purple Sky

And a bit more than a lifetime to learn how to fly


I am happy in my prison
, I don’t recall the reason
 I am doing time or hiding myself away

I hate you, girl, I hate you more than I can stand

6:40 a.m. (on Lycabettus)

Just before the break of day

Electric rays invade my eyes

While your make up fades away

Then I start to realize

I see the shape of your lips

The hidden scars under your skin

The years of playing hide and seek

And all those people that I’ve been

Nothing lasts forever

Nothing hurts forever

Just before your mind gives in

The city lights go out again

Is this real or just a dream?

Kiss me and help me to forget

I breathe in your fears mixed with lust

I run my fingers through your hair

I whisper words that I can’t trust

And count the moments left to spare

Safely Blind Again

Hold me tight

We float in space

We leave no trace behind

Breath with me

Erase, rewind

We are safely blind again

Scratch my wounds

I need to feel

The killing thrill in me

Lick my wounds

Protect me from

What I’ve become

Embrace my fears

And feed my eyes

That beg for lies and love

Dry your heart

The time is here

To feel what’s real

Share with me

My glorious failures

And bitter victories

Invade my dreams

And wake me from This life in coma

Your slave I am, in love

Mad Tea Party

Running, falling and back on the road

My heart is beating about to explode

I am free as a child
So carelessly wild


I fly in circles, I land on the sky

I float in the ocean, escaping my mind

I am feeling so high; so comfortably blind


I am just a feather, light as a shadow, light as a shadow

An evanescent thought, light as a shadow, light as a shadow


A fleeting glance, a random word I scream, the colors in my dreams

A fragile smile, a simple twist of fate, the line between love and hate


Laughing, feeling nothing around me

Pausing the time that speeds inside me

I am Alice in wonderland
In a submarine I dive in sand


Licking, scratching the wounds I’ve been hiding

I dance with my daemons, into oblivion I am sliding

The pace is unstoppable; I am feeling so vulnerable

Under Glass

When we met, before we plan this slaughter

Our lips were dry, the summers long and hotter

Dear Mom

She kissed my eyes, she wrapped her arms around me

While bending light warmed my heart and numbed me

Dear Dad

The Sun

The Moon

Will fade out soon


Be still

And wait

My soul, it’s too late


I wanna fight this war; I ain’t afraid no more

Together we dance

The life I lived; the life I spent in living

Was blessed by gods; conveniently forgiving

Dear Love

Can you explain the scars, the blood in my hands

My damaged brain is still swimming in the drylands

Dear Lust